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World’s most expensive gin offers floral aroma

Gin aficionados considering splashing out on a pricy new brand might well consider sampling a miniature before buying a full bottle, but in the case of ‘Roses on Ice’ I’m afraid the 50 ml version is going to cost you £165 – which works out at £3,300 a litre.

Before you pour yourself a stiff one to get over the shock, we should probably own up that this formulation from Kilian Hennessy is actually the latest in a line of perfumes which draw on the aromas more commonly associated with the spirits industry.  In fact, the creator of Roses on Ice is actually heir to the cognac dynasty Hennessy, who decided to develop some Dutch Courage because it’s his wife’s favourite tipple.  We’re told the pine and juniper scent is followed by fresh roses and then a citrus and cucumber finale.

Other alcohol based products not intended to be taken internally include Dark Rum from Malin and Goetz of Friends fame, at a more modest £130 for 100 ml; and ‘ Red Wine Brown Sugar’ from Bohoboco which still costs more than your average vintage.

You’ll understand why your bloggers aren’t providing any tasting notes on this lot.

Our ‘Top Ten’ of the gins we have reviewed to date:

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