Caorunn vs Boë conundrum

Caorunn vs Boë conundrum


The Scottish dilemma …

Gin Lover Two wrote up his blog on Caorunn Gin back in January 2019, just a few months after we launched  Being the very early days of our ‘gin-venture’, we hadn’t really pushed the boundaries on sampling the many different tipples out there; like most people, we stuck to what was readily available in the shops.

So, artisan Caorunn was an absolute revelation to us in those early days; my partner in crime’s opinion being that he’d “rate Caorunn as a real Scottish champion.  A Jackie Stewart amongst other gins.”  And he is right – it’s a lovely dry London-type: very crisp and refreshing, which stands head and shoulders above most of the established, mass market brands.  We enjoyed its zestiness, along with the spicy finish, so into our Top Ten it went.

A couple of weeks ago, however, we ordered a bottle of Boë Scottish Gin which, upon opening the bottle, immediately brought back memories of Caorunn’s characteristic piquant aroma.  The flavour was even better: we supped ours with Indian tonic and the recommended orange wedge, while discussing whether or not to place it in our Top Ten – and then, which gin should be relegated.

We decided it had to be these two Scottish tipples that should ‘slug it out’ for inclusion – so had to buy another bottle of Caorunn to facilitate a blind testing.  Tough work, but our readers have to be kept up to date!  We still really enjoyed the Caorunn, but both preferred the Boë – neat and with a mixer – for its more distinctive, but smoother finish.

“Tough work, but our readers have to be kept up to date!”