Caspyn punches above its weight


Caspyn Gin Review

The weigh-in can be the most entertaining aspect to some boxing matches, especially if one contestant’s tactics are to dance around out of their opponent’s reach.  Then aside from the posturing and scowling there is also the worry for the fighters of ‘making the weight’ either sweating off the pounds prior to going on the scales; or sometimes resorting to filling their pockets with stones when struggling to move up a division.

I’m happy to report, however, that Caspyn Midsummer Dry Gin from the “Pocketful of Stones Distillers” in Cornwall can mix it with the best of them at 40% ABV, and arguably punches above its weight.

I was given my bottle as a birthday present by our friends Bill and Lesley, and have thoroughly enjoyed its blend of floral and citrus flavours; though we’ve resisted the label’s suggestion that the spirit has been hand crafted to be evocative of long summer afternoons spent lazing in the sun.  I think 6 O’clock is quite early enough to start on the G&Ts, while we have also tended to garnish it with orange or pink grapefruit rather than the mint or a slice of cucumber advised.

Dr Squid Gin is made with real squid ink, pouring black then bright pink once the tonic is added.

As with the Ten Tor Gin from Dartmoor, Caspyn’s makers have harvested seasonal local flora to blend into its standard Cornish Dry Gin: also introducing a modicum of cucumber. Described as the distillery’s First Born, the Dry uses the south west favourite, gorse, along with the citrus peels, lemon grass, lemon verbena and Japanese tea – as well as orris and hibiscus.  We’d agree with their assertion that the result is crisp and refreshing.

The boffins down at Pocketful of Stones in Penzance have the space to stage tasting tours; and aside from country concoctions like Dandelion and Burdock, also offer “Marmalade Old Tom” and the intriguingly named “Dr Squid”.  At least you won’t end up legless drinking that.