Greyson’s Mediterranean Orange Gin review


Unashamedly zingy and zesty!

Running short of gin recently, we decided to go and see what Aldi had on offer and, having really enjoyed its Greyson’s London Dry, we settled on a bottle of Greyson’s Mediterranean Orange, and will have to concur with the supermarket which describes it perfectly: “This zesty, refreshing tipple is elegantly smooth and complex in taste, giving sharp citrus notes followed by well-rounded sweet orange flavours.”

Although it has an ABV of just 37.5%, don’t think it won’t pack a punch – it does, this being a Seville orange one; reminding me of one of my favourites, Tanqueray Flor De Sevilla with its tart but sweet marmalade taste, the zing and zest of blood oranges and Spanish holidays …  It’s very fruit forward, with a bold citrus character front and centre, but there is also a subtle spiced character to the gin, with coriander and sweet cinnamon providing a warming longevity on the tongue and, surprisingly, a tang of black pepper to the finish.

While we enjoyed ours with a squeeze of fresh orange and the recommended dash of tonic water, this refreshing gin is good enough to drink on its own and will go into our ‘‘Top Ten’ gins for your hip flask’ list.  It even has a lovely aroma, not that synthetic odour you’d expect from an inexpensive supermarket own gin, but fresh and inviting.

As with Aber Falls and Tanqueray’s orange gin, it is a gin with attitude, with Aldi’s version shouting “how dare you call me cheap and cheerful!”  Because it’s unashamedly both.

At just £13.99, a bottle, you can’t go wrong with Aldi’s Greyson’s Mediterranean Orange Gin.