Salcombe Gin Rosé Sainte Marie review


    How does this work …?

    If it seems your gin bloggers haven’t put pen to paper for a while, it isn’t for the want of trying – we’ve simply been too busy with the day job.  So, with Christmas on the horizon, we again purchased a gin advent calendar from the Craft Gin Club, to give us the veritable boot up the backside we needed to get writing again.

    On Day 9, we opened the door to find a miniature of Salcombe Gin Rosé Sainte Marie – and both wrinkled our noses at the thought of a cloyingly sweet rosé-based spirit; before I spotted the word ‘dry’ on the bottle and volunteered bravely (I thought) to sample it.

    In fact – and much to our shock, this lovely 41.4% ABV tipple is crisp, dry, and very refreshing – the surprise comes from the following soft sweetness from strawberries and angelica, which prompted my outburst, “How does this work?”  Then they add fresh lemon and orange peel, plus ten further botanicals including lemon verbena, rose petals, orange blossom and pink peppercorns.  It is perhaps the lavender and white pepper which provide a subtle zingyness to the back of the throat.  I tried it with the recommended serve of tonic and lemon peel to bring out the citrus but, with a slice of strawberry, the soft sweet notes of this gin will apparently be enhanced.

    “‘Rosé Sainte Marie’ is inspired by the aromas, flavours and lifestyle of the South of France and is a celebration of adventure, colour, freshness and joy; capturing the vibrant spirit of the Mediterranean coast.”

    Named after the ‘Sainte Marie’ lighthouse which marks the Southern entrance to the Old Port of Marseille, from where 19th century Salcombe Fruit Schooners would carry citrus fruits and herbs to England, flavoursome Salcombe Gin Rosé Sainte is definitely a pinkish gin we’d buy again.

    Salcombe Gin Rosé Sainte can be purchased widely and online for around £35.

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