Cunard Number 3 Gin review


Martyn the Marine makes the loyal toast

Thanks to our friend and neighbour, former Royal Marine, Martyn Evans taking a cruise with his wife this summer, we were given the chance to sample “the other Number 3” gin; and a wonderful maiden voyage it turned out to be for our taste buds.

Martyn and Ann had boarded the Queen Elizabeth at Southampton with some old friends from the Corps for a week of waterborne indulgence, which included being able to select from an impressive list, the spirit they’d like laid on in their balcony cabin.  And to our delight they not only chose the 3 Queens Gin which has been created for Cunard by Pickering’s in Edinburgh, but also delayed opening the bottle until they returned home to Devon so your Gin Bloggers could partake.

The aroma is not as strident as some gins we’ve tasted over recent years, but with an ABV of 43.4% the flavour certainly demands your attention – like a blast from the famous liner’s horn.  And that has been hand crafted in Pickering’s traditional copper stills, with Lotus root, Kaffir Lime Leaf, Star Anise and Cardamom creating a strong oriental influence.  In fact I could have been persuaded there were several other peppery spices playing a part.

We sampled ours with a plain tonic, ice and a slice of lime but believe this small batch gin is distinctive enough to carry some of the less subtle mixers on the market, or even stand up well in a cocktail.  And for those of you who haven’t waded your way through the 100+ gins we’ve reviewed, the previous No 3 Gin on our list is the one that originates from Berry Bros in London while, as a member of the Dartmoor Rescue Group, Martyn previously helped us review the locally produced Ten Tors Gin.

“All three above are well worth sampling, but in this Platinum Jubilee year, and in her memory, I am certain that Warwick Mill’s own service veteran would never forgive me if I didn’t choose the Queen Elizabeth spirit with which to propose a loyal toast to our incomparable monarch.  Cheers!”

This tipple can be purchased for around £40.00 from Summerhall Distillery, and online from various vendors.