Three Wrens Apple Crumble Edition Gin review


It’s good enough to eat!

As with the Jaffa Cake Gin we reviewed a short while back, Three Wrens Apple Crumble Edition utterly shocks you upon first sniff … sorcery, surely …

How can you make a gin that smells and tastes of a pudding or biscuit?  Or in the case of the potion magicked up by Three Wrens Distillery, how can you produce a gin that tastes of apple crumble?  It’s against nature surely, that this gin works; it won the World’s Best Flavoured Gin 2021, while the numerous reviews out there cannot extol its virtues highly enough.

The Three Wrens’ ‘pudding imposter’ also won the prestigious ‘Golden Fork’ Award from the Guild of Fine Food in 2021, which is awarded to the world’s top 12 food and drink producers, out of 14,000 entries from 180 countries around the globe.

“I can even smell the crumble!” Gin Lover Two exclaimed immediately upon his first sniff – and you really do, along with the cooked apple sweetness and spiciness from the extra ingredients you’d expect to find in a homemade apple crumble.

Created in Cheshire in Jill and Valerie – the copper pot stills, the process of making Apple Crumble gin begins through toasting oats, which are then macerated in the spirit before being vapour infused with the baked apples, cinnamon, nutmeg and orange peel.  A touch of demerara sugar completes the recipe.

Upon tasting, juniper is very much present, as is the fruit and the slightly vanilla hint which comes from toasting oats.  The soft cinnamon provides a gentle, spicy finish.  Many people mix this 40% tipple with elderflower tonic and fresh apple which we’ve yet to try, but we did enjoy it with Indian tonic as well as on its own.  Also, like Jaffa Cake Gin it’s not too sweet – how they manage to achieve this is, perhaps, where that little bit of magic comes in.

A warming cocktail the distiller recommends trying with Three Wrens Apple Crumble Edition Gin.

Three Wrens Apple Crumble Edition Gin can be purchased for around £35 from various sellers online.