Sipsmith Chilli & Lime Gin review


A surprisingly subtle tipple …

Given the ingredients and its 41.9% strength, Sipsmith’s Chilli & Lime Gin lacks the fire of some similarly named spirits, but will probably appeal to a wider audience for it; and we enjoyed ours both neat and as a cocktail.  What I would say is that this spirit is so delicately crafted that the subtlety might be lost if mixed with a highly flavoured tonic – so keep to an Indian and perhaps a small wedge of lime.

In fact, one highly respected reviewer goes on to say you’ll most definitely get the sharp lime, but that the “more subtle chilli warmth is a bit hit and miss. That said, mix it with basic Indian tonics and you will get all the spicy notes.”  So we agree, Master of Malt!

Sweet chilli to the fore and with fruity mulberry on the nose, you cannot miss the refreshing zesty lime – to taste, cantaloupe melon … to finish, the warm spiciness of the chilli just lingers on the limited-edition gin, which is the first of Sipsmith’s ‘Sipping Series.’

“What is the Sipping Series? A series of limited-edition gins originating from our experimental gin membership, the Sipping Society.  Each gin is hand crafted in small batches by our talented team of distillers, using only the finest seasonal botanicals.” Sipsmith

Becoming a member of the company’s Sipping Society involves signing up to annual (£180.00) or bi-monthly (£35.00) deliveries, whereby two 20cl bottles of ‘experimental’ gin arrive on your doorstep, along with tasting notes from Master Distiller Jared Brown.

“Most of these gins will never be sipped by anyone not in the Sipping Society.  A few of our members’ favourite sips make it to our range, such as our Lemon Drizzle Gin, and our limited-edition Sipspresso Coffee Gin.”  

Compared to the spiciness of Whitley Neill Rhubarb & Ginger, or even Aldi’s Chilli & Ginger offering, this tipple is most definitely the easiest on the stomach – but in comparison to them, it would be easy to over-power the taste if mixed.  Would I buy this gin again – yes, it would be a good party choice as I feel most would enjoy.

Sipsmith Chilli & Lime Gin can be purchased for around £30.00 online from Asda, Tesco, plus various online sellers and the distiller.