Brentingby Gin Black Edition Gin review


Melton Mowbray’s little black number …

Up until now I believe the only thing from Melton Mowbray I’ve consumed is their excellent pork pies, but now I can heartily recommend washing down the meat and pastry delight with a special G&T: the local distillery’s Brentingby Gin ‘Black Edition’.

The opaque ebony glass bottle conceals the fact that this 45% ABV London Dry is actually fully clear, but easing the composite stopper offers plenty of hints about the taste to come: with distinct citrus notes mingling amongst the juniper and more mysterious aromas.  Ginger and meadowsweet (used in the Blackwoods we liked so much) are two of the key botanicals which help introduce spice and warmth alongside lime and other London Dry staples.

Interestingly, blackcurrant and even asparagus put in an appearance, but I doubt even Monty Don would have been able to identify them with any certainty.  The important outcome, however, is that the final flavour offers full on spiciness with the cracked black pepper making a sip of the neat spirit an experience that catches the breath like a navy strength such as Beast.  The makers describe the finish as having piney notes and a faint hint of liquorice.

Dickinson & Morris has been baking Melton Mowbray Pork Pies since 1851 and is the oldest remaining baker of the authentic Pork Pie in the town centre today.

Those amongst you who still hanker after the glory days of Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear will recall how the looks and performance of a Mercedes Black would always get the motoring presenter drooling with anticipation.  Well we would comfortably predict that a pre-dinner Brentingby Black and Indian tonic will get your taste buds revved up and ready for a variety of main menus.

You can purchase a bottle of Brentingby Black – the variation produced by Brentingby Gin Ltd – online for around £35