Micil Spiced Orange Irish Gin review


Sláinte Mhaith (to good health)

We have reviewed many orange-based gins at Ginblogger, and our ‘go to’ has, to date, been Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla; a lovely light and sunny gin, as I think I described it back then.  Well, I have just tried another of this type, which could very well vie for the top spot amongst marmalade gins; were it not a special edition from the Craft Gin Club.

Micil Spiced Orange Irish Gin is a take on the classic London Dry with the juniper coming forward; the subtle difference being fresh floral tones on the nose and palate – and the surprise is the zesty orange finish and spicy warm, sweet adieu. Botanicals include Bogbean flower, Bog Myrtle, Hawberry and Heather – and, of course, zesty orange peel.

While this 42% tipple was created specifically to go in Craft Gin Club’s October box, I’m hoping it’s such a success the makers will continue to distil it for all to enjoy.  Many of the botanicals are from South Connemara, where six generations of the same family have been distilling since 1848 – the name of Micil Distillery coming from Micil Mac Chearra, who originally started producing the traditional Irish spirit called Poitín – which was at the time outlawed – using whatever he could forage from Galway’s landscape.

Now headed up by great, great, great grandsons, Jimin and Pádraic Ó Griallais: the pair felt that creating gin was a natural progression in the family’s 170 year history, so their first gin was Micil Irish Gin, which we’ve yet to try – but hopefully will soon.


“Meanwhile, we served our Micil Spiced Orange Irish gin with Indian tonic, a wedge of orange and loads of ice, but we both agreed that this is equally enjoyable – and strong enough in flavour – to grace a hip flask, neat.”

The experience also served to demonstrate the variety of juniper spirits that come from the Emerald Isle, with brands such as Cork Gin and Drumshanbo having prompted us to write past blogs.

Micil Spiced Orange can be purchased for around £35 from various online outlets.