Haysmith’s Blood Orange Gin review


    Clockwork orange!

    As we’ve said many times in our blogs, “it’s always gin o’clock somewhere in the World!”  and so as 6pm came around like clockwork, we promptly cracked open a bottle – in this instance Aldi’s Haysmith’s Blood Orange gin; looking forward to enjoying the promise on the bottle, in “the taste journey of this fantastic zesty, fruity dry gin.”

    Aldi was as good as its word: this 41% ABV tipple really bursts with succulent orange, yet at the same time, you taste the mellow dryness from the juniper – how do they do it?  And how many times have we asked this, only to conclude that gin distillers are alchemists, purveyors of magic, the Merlin’s from the Middle-Earth with the simple wish to bring a little mysticism into our workaday lives.

    At £15.99, Aldi’s Blood Orange is nine quid cheaper than the undoubtably very comparable Malfy Con Arancia, which is made from Sicilian blood oranges and was launched in 2018.  Aldi’s version, meanwhile, was brought to market in time to celebrate Halloween in 2023 – and also contains that magic potion of blood oranges, juniper and Arancia, the latter being a type of juicy citrus orange with a thick reddish-yellow skin.

    “It’s always gin o’clock somewhere in the World!”

    The colour of the gin from the distiller is a beautiful, deep rich orange not surprisingly, while the bottle features a cheerful bright blue label, reminding me very much of sunny orange groves under a blue Italian sky – just what you need to pick you up during a dreary English winter.  We enjoyed our Blood Orange gin from Aldi with the recommended serve of tonic, ice and a wedge of juicy orange, and are sure this one will be an award winner, just like Aldi’s Rhubarb & Ginger gin.



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