Finton’s London Dry Gin review

Finton’s London Dry Gin review


As British as Bertie Wooster –

I’m not sure if it is the bright and honest bouquet or the top hat sitting jauntily over the ‘F’ on the label, but tasting Finton’s Special London Dry Gin for the first time whisked me away from a wet and windy Devon, all the way to Bertie Wooster’s smart apartment in 1930s London; where his ever attentive valet, Jeeves stood waiting to mix us another.

This for me is not a complex gin in any way; at 37.5proof it isn’t going to have you dancing on tables or stealing a policeman’s helmet, but it does offer a refreshing zing and sufficient strength to take the recommended helping of tonic and slice of lemon.  Just the thing for a swift ‘livener’ before heading down to the Drones Club for a spot of lunch.

Roderick Spode led the fictional Black Shorts, appearing in several episodes.

Despite my musings there is little chance Bertie’s ever so correct and slightly snobbish Gentleman’s Gentleman would have allowed this budget spirit space in the drink’s cabinet, or even for cooking purposes.  For where the Wooster’s of the era would probably have purchased their essential libations from Fortnum and Mason, Finton’s is actually one of those “….jolly Johnnie Foreigner imposters wouldn’t you know!” Though no doubt Bertie’s constant foe, the 7th Earl of Sidcup and would-be dictator – AKA Spode – would have approved of its Germanic pedigree.

“A 70cl bottle of Lidl’s own brand juniper juice can be secured for just £10; however, far more remarkable, is how it has been judged a finer infusion than better known rivals retailing for twice the price.”

So what’s the secret? Well rather than edelweiss and sauerkraut, the 100grain spirt for Finton’s is steeped with citrus peel and coriander; as well as a strong dose of lavender that Bertie’s Aunt Agatha would have likely recommended.  As a result the taste is sharp and dry with enough oomph to still compete as the ice begins to melt.

So would I recommend Finton’s Special London Dry Gin? Well – at that price – “If one’s bally aunt cuts off your weekly allowance, you’d have to be barmier than Bingo Little not to buy it”.








  1. Im not a gin expert but I know what I like & Fintons Gin to me is not up to the mark. I wouldn’t waste another £9.99 for 75cl. I’d rather buy better quality & pay more.

  2. Just tasting my first G&T made with Flintons Gin, must say I’m very pleasantly surprised, really smooth and you get a nice taste on top of the tonic. Amazed?