Warwick Wobbler – Part 1

Warwick Wobbler – Part 1


Made a start on Boxing Day at producing our own infusion, after Gin Lover One put a Sandy Leaf Farm “Ultimate GIN maker’s kit” in my Christmas stocking, along with a bottle of vodka; basically, as recommended, to take the place of the NGS used by most commercial gin distillers.

The kit supplies dried juniper berries along with half a dozen dried blends that include a ‘Botanical Base’ – containing coriander seed and all-spice as well as lemon and orange peel – plus Hibiscus & Rose, and Fragrant Citrus. I also discovered clear packets of premium Orange Peel, Cacao Nibs for a chocolate flavour, and Christmas Spice.

The Sandy Leaf Farm kit further features two sizes of measuring scoop, plastic pipettes for sampling, a collapsible rubber funnel, and a small metal sieve for removing the debris. As a vessel to carry out the process I went into the utility room cupboard to uncover an earthenware Rumtopf we have used in the past to produce sloe gin and summer fruits in brandy.

“There’s supposed to be enough ingredients to create eight different bottles of gin”

In went the 700 ml of vodka and three scoops of juniper berries which I now have to leave to infuse for 48 hours before adding the other botanicals.  I suspect some of the suggested recipes will be too sweet for our taste – such as the Chocolate Orange – or too flowery, so I’m going for the ‘Citrus Explosion’. This will take a small scoop of both the Botanical Base and the Orange Peel, along with a large scoop of Fragrant Citrus. This has to steep for a further two days, though the nicely concise instruction book suggests you can leave them for longer.

In total, there’s supposed to be enough ingredients to create eight different bottles of gin; I will let you know in a week or so what my first attempt tastes like.