Co-op Gin follow up

Co-op Gin follow up


‘Recooping’ previous losses –

Not sure how many of you read the blog about Co-op’s ‘Special London Dry Gin’ from a week or so back, but being disinclined to sample any more of the stuff, I have carried out my threat to stick it in the Rumtopf with a generous helping of the botanicals from my Sandy Leaf Farm Ultimate Gin Maker’s Kit.

And, well, I’m pleased to report there has been a definite improvement all round – it would, after all, have been difficult to ‘spoil’ it.

Just to recap, I previously reported that Co-op’s gin was less than special, despite being “Double Distilled” as well as “Triple Filtered” and based on a combination of coriander, cubeb berries plus other botanicals.

My remedy was to administer a double dose of Sandy Leaf’s Fragrant Citrus along with a large scoop of the kit’s Orange Peel. I saw no point in using up any of the dried Juniper Berries as I was starting with something already distilled as gin, rather than vodka as I did for my Warwick Wobbler.  Then just for good luck I left the whole lot to infuse for 36 hours longer than recommended.

As a result, on the morning of day four I was able to strain off the debris and return the hybrid concoction – presumably still at 37.5%– to the original bottle, though I waited till well into the evening to taste the outcome.

“It does now take a mixer with better vigour, while the ‘Eau de Cat Litter’ has been replaced by something closer to lemon and lime.”

It’s definitely different to both Co-op’s product and Warwick Wobbler, though I can’t really say it is ever going to challenge Black Dog, Twisted Nose or any of the others on my list of favourites. However, it does now take a mixer with better vigour while the ‘Eau de Cat Litter” has been replaced by something closer to lemon and lime.



And having drunk a glass or two, I’ve decided to rename it “Coop De Grace” – basically putting Co-op’s Special London Dry Gin out of its misery.