Warwick Wobbler – Part 2


Warwick Wobbler is work in progress –

Warwick Mill is the name of our house – hence ‘Warwick Wobbler’ for our gin

Well my Boxing Day effort at producing our own spirit using a bottle of vodka and the Sandy Leaf Farm Ultimate GIN Maker’s Kit bore fruit to an extent.

After some 60 hours steeping in the big jar, I sieved off the now saturated berries, Fragrant Citrus mix and Botanicals Base which the recipe book recommended for a Citrus Explosion. I found that the infusion had taken on a colour somewhere between straw and malt whisky, as well as strong lemony and juniper smell.

“I just need to rename my concoction ‘GRUMPY OLD G-IT.’”

We waited another two days to sample our creation, and were pleasantly surprised at the first taste of Warwick Wobbler neat.  Not being a Vodka drinker I’d feared it would be harsh but the juniper and citrus came across well, though lacking much depth or any aftertastes.

What was disappointing, however, was the effect that a slice of lime and dash of tonic had: with the citrus smell becoming slightly pungent, while the flavour struggled to compete with the mixer. Having considered repeating the process with alternative accompaniments, I suddenly remembered we’d bought a bottle of Vermouth a month or so back.

Adding roughly two parts Vermouth to one of our gin, and no ice, brought a totally different result. This was really quite passable: what an old friend of ours called Robert, used to term “Gin-and-It”. You’d be guaranteed being offered a large one if you called round to see him anytime after about 11-30 in the morning.

There was the answer then: resonating with the slogan on most of my T-shirts, I just need to rename my concoction ‘GRUMPY OLD G-IT.’