Fever-Tree helps make the perfect G&T


The manufacturer of those fabulous tonics, Fever-Tree, offers a really useful downloadable tool to help you pair the perfect tonic with whichever gin you’re drinking.

I originally picked up a hard-printed copy of Fever-Tree’s Pairing Wheel at Majestic in Exeter, a postcard-sized publication which lives next to the gin in our larder; but it’s even better to use online (fever-tree.com).  You can either enter the name of your gin eg, Plymouth, and the interactive guide recommends pairing this with Fever-Tree Aromatic Tonic – it even suggests that this G&T is garnished with “a twist of lemon.”  Or you can peruse the downloadable wheel, whereby every gin under the sun splays out around the wheel next to the tonic they are best mixed with; you could always print this off, and keep it next to your stash.

I’ve just spotted Aviation on the guide – try it, it’s one of my favourites!  For this yummy gin, the wheel suggests that it is served with Fever-Tree Elderflower Tonic along with mint and lime – but what I also like about this tool are the tasting notes: for example, Plymouth Gin is described as “a smooth, citrus-lead gin with notes of lemon, sweet orange and an undertone of green cardamom.”  Aviation is described as being “Made in the full bodied Dutch Style with 100% corn neutral spirit.”

How I have survived without this pairing guide is a mystery – cheers!