Have your own gin tasting – with a dinner party.


Back in the early summer, we hosted what we rather grandly named ‘Bruce and Juliet’s Gin Masterclass’ for a half a dozen friends: what a great time we had!

As you can see from the photos, we designed our own ‘Gin Tablemat Template’ whereby, between eating, we tasted five gins, along with the makers’ recommended garnishes and tonics.  Ending, after the cheese course, with the grand finale – here, we all created our own G&T which, as our tablemat suggests, should have made “your Perfect G&T”.  Some of our ‘creations’ were pretty bad, but were shared around with much humor and good grace!

If you’d like to do the same, my first tip is to keep the menu stress-free by preparing the food the day before – you’ve got more time, then, to enjoy the gin – and the company of your dear friends.  We served smoked mackerel pate, lasagne and tiramisu – all of which can be prepared in advance; and tastes much better for it, in fact.

If you look at our tablemat, you will see that each circle suggests a different G&T – we placed 50ml tot glasses (plastic ones are available from Amazon – dead cheap) with the respective gin in it.  These our friends poured into their personal gin goblet over ice – don’t forget to provide a large ice bucket!  We ordered two selection boxes from Fever Tree and placed them, with garnishes on the side, for guests to choose from for each cocktail. You also need to provide a receptacle to empty into between each tasting.  Enjoy!

Here is the shopping list from our gin tasting:

  • Gins:
  • Gordon’s pink
  • Sipsmith
  • Plymouth
  • Bombay Sapphire
  • Black Dog

Fever Tree Tonics:

  • Elderflower
  • Aromatic
  • Mediterranean
  • Indian natural

Garnishes: Lemon, lime, cucumber, cinnamon sticks, Angostura bitters

Accessories: Tot glasses – we used 50ml, gin goblets, stirring sticks, ice bucket