From loo to lush … just about …

Many of you might remember when, back in July of last year, I ‘launched’ my own gin concoction, JJJ (Juliet’s Juniper Juice), created from a Sandy Leaf Farm DIY kit I was given.  You might also recall that, due to opting for a clemetine tonic instead of a plain Indian, it nearly became loo cleaner.  Which was when it became abundantly clear that your choice of tonic is just as important as the gin itself.

And so it was, just a few weeks ago, that I was given another DIY home gin making kit – this one from my dear friend Kelly, which advised that you should use proper gin as the base rather than Sandy Leaf Farm’s recommended vodka.

As with JJJ MkI, I couldn’t just follow the simple instructions (in the above image), but had to tinker.

The box contained two glass bottles with cork stoppers, Juniper berries, Pink peppercorns and Lemon peel, as well as a cute sieve and little metal funnel.  So, I didn’t mess around with the botanicals, but did with the base spirits: Mixing one with vodka and the second with Northmoor, navy strength gin.

Day one, Juniper berries added – day 2, the other botanicals and day 3 (the best part) – sieve and drink – I definitely need to start a gin distillery!  Our thoughts on trying the Northmoor version, which we hadn’t enjoyed this as a gin in its own right as we expected more flavour from a 57% distillation, was that we’d improved it; but that was all.  So, another potential loo cleaner … but the vodka spirit mix was good, and lush with a clementine tonic.

“Our gin-based experiment is another potential loo cleaner”