Arty GINblogger bottles spread the light


“Eureka!” –

I’ve always been a bit of a hands-on type, and love everything from drawing to furniture restoration, from DIY to gardening – presently, I’m painting a new house name sign to replace the rotting one I did 10 plus years ago.

A couple of weeks ago, though, I had a “eureka” moment when looking at two empty gin bottles, which I’d been reluctant to throw out because they’re so attractive. The Roku and Silent Pool bottles were being moved from one place to another in the kitchen – basically, getting in the way, but now they’ve become useful centrepieces.

My eureka came when looking for some E14 bulbs for two bedside lamps I’d purchased, which I couldn’t source locally.  Being Amazon, I found them eventually; but on my search, a page came up with LED fairy lights to put in wine bottles – sooo pretty!

At just £8.99 for six strings with batteries included, I made my impulse purchase there and then.  Manufactured by FairyDecor, they come with an artificial cork, which houses a hearing aid type battery.  You thread the copper wire string of lights into your bottle, push the cork in, and wow, they look really good!

Each string of lights is 2ft in length and, as can be seen from the photos, are warm white and can be used to brighten a dim fire place, or as table decorations – plus you could deploy them outside to light up a barbeque or picnic – although they’re not waterproof.

“Working out at £1.50 each, that’s money well spent, and two beautiful gin bottles up-cycled”