BA Baked Apple Gin review


A heavenly winter warmer …

Think of apple and blackberry crumble, with vanilla ice cream, clotted cream or custard – or all three, and you’ve summed up the tastes to this superb, limited edition Baked Apple Gin.  And for someone who doesn’t often do puddings, this is praise indeed …

Warming and comforting, this gin – crafted by Vineyards of Sherborne who make G Gin – was again found for us by our hard-working Gin Scouts, Bill and Lesley, on another trip to Dorset.  And if it wasn’t for the fact that this was a ‘one off,’ it would have got in our ‘Top Ten’ of the gins we have reviewed to date – alongside G Gin.

At 38% ABV, this sipping gin does indeed “warm your cockles,” as it promises on the bottle’s label.  The distillers apparently set out to create a gin that would be redolent of one of their mum’s legendary Baked Apple desserts, “with lashings of winter spices and a hint of vanilla.”

Although very junipery, this ginny treat is best enjoyed on its own – it really doesn’t need anything else, and I’ll be looking out for this edition in the future, perhaps around autumn/Christmas – but this time, I’ll tuck it away in the larder behind the spice rack, so that I don’t have to share it!