Bruce’s recipe for Frisky Ferret cocktail


Emergency averted …

A couple of days ago, I found hubby (AKA Gin Lover Two) ferreting through the fridge then larder in absolute panic, desperately looking for tonic water to add to our evening G&T.  But to no avail – we’d completely run out.

We’d looked at each other blankly … Co-op Irresistible London Dry Gin was all that was left and, as much as we like its peppery spicy finish as reported in our review of April 2019, neither of us thought it warranted being drunk neat, even over loads of ice.  Then after the umpteenth time of ferreting around the kitchen he checked the wine rack where we sometimes store bottles of tonic; his worried eyes lighting up as an idea was born: “Is it alright to drink gin with fizz?”

“We thoroughly enjoyed our Frisky Ferret – clean, crisp and very refreshing!”

Neither of us knew, but a quick internet check confirmed others had successfully mixed fizz and gin.  Luckily, we’d had this bottle of Freixenet ICE cava in the rack for a year or more, so Gin Lover Two created his first ever cocktail: naming it ‘Frisky Ferret’ in reference to his frantic searching.


  • A large London Dry Gin
  • Same quantity of Freixenet ICE Cava
  • Loads of ice
  • Wedge of pink grapefruit

We agreed the grapefruit takes away the sweetness of the cava, but lime would work just as well.  Also, the dryness of the gin does the same, while those with a sweet tooth might like to try a Frisky Ferret with double the quantity of cava to gin.  In the end, we thoroughly enjoyed our Frisky Ferret – clean, crisp and very refreshing!

Co-op Irresistible London Dry Gin £18 …. Freixenet ICE Cava £10.99