Co-op Pink Grapefruit & Elderflower Gin Liqueur review


Another coup for Coop!

In our little household of two we have, like every other family, adopted our own words and phrases over the years – one of mine is: “I’m just nipping out to Coop; see you dreckley.”  Coop being Co-op, of course – dreckley being a proper West Country word for later.

DRECKLEY: (West Country) later
(West Country) directly; now; shortly.

Co-op is where we were introduced by their always-helpful staff to the company’s Pink Grapefruit & Elderflower Gin Liqueur, from its ‘irresistible’ range, when we asked them to recommend a new gin for us to try for our blog.  But it was hubby’s former gardener Henry who always called the retailer Coop, Argos was Are-go; and when the lovable old rogue gossiped about his slightly long-in-the-tooth ‘cougar’ of a neighbour, he took great delight in telling us one day that “’Er’s got a new tallboy!”  Nice bit of furniture, Henry!

No matter what you stand your glasses on, however, Co-op’s Pink Grapefruit & Elderflower Gin Liqueur is not, in my view, best enjoyed with tonic.  At 20ABV it’s just not strong enough to take it – although it is made for a hip flask, to be supped on a cold day by anyone with a sweet tooth.  It is apparently based on the company’s own Irresistible London Dry Gin which we reviewed last year, and contains a blend of 16 botanicals.

“Five times distilled Co-op Irresistible Gin is blended with the natural flavours of pink grapefruit and elderflower.  Sharp and tangy pink grapefruit is followed by sweet, floral elderflower and finished with the warm spiced notes of the gin.” (Co-op’s description).  Their tasters also recommend mixing with tonic – which I don’t – or neat over ice; the latter I’m yet to try in the cold of January.  I’ve also read that this type of gin liqueur is very enjoyable with three parts sparkling water, which would be quite refreshing.

At £11 for the 50cl bottle, I would buy it again, to be sipped as an aperitif or on the touchline watching rugby.  Hubby, though, does not like the sweet concoction – but then, he likes his hip flask to contain something strong enough to blow your socks off – 40ABV being the minimal requirement.

“Nice bit of furniture, Henry!”