Pink 47 gin review


Putting PINK in perspective …

Given this blog’s rather reluctant relationship with the salmon-shaded subsector of the juniper spirit, I was just a little bit dubious when Gin Lover One announced she had ordered a full bottle of Pink 47 off Amazon.  My scepticism though, was rapidly blown away by what turns out to be a properly flavoursome, traditional style London Dry that doubles down on some of our favourite botanicals.

Produced by Fine Spirits over in Sevenoaks, Kent, Pink 47 is actually crystal clear and is sold in a faceted bottle which could easily see service as a wine decanter, while also having a hint of Del Boy’s sitting room cocktail bar about it.  The makers even included a cunningly crafted LED light which you attach to the underside, rather than sitting in the neck as with the Scilly Isles ‘lighthouse’ or dangling inside as Juliet did with the lovely Roku bottle.

Getting back to the primary contents, the botanicals are introduced into the production process during the last of four distillations, with two different types of both angelica and coriander being overlaid on the strongly identifiable base flavour of juniper berries which come from Italy

The double digit mix also introduces citrus fruit and almonds from Spain along with African nutmeg and an unspecified selection of spices from the orient.  The latter did not seem strongly represented to us, but the overall taste is a very pleasant one and at 47% ABV it was forthright enough to go well with Mediterranean as well as Indian tonic.  We also tried it with a generous splash of champagne one evening and think the producer’s claim of it being a good base for cocktails is probably justified, though syrups and umbrellas are unfamiliar territory at GINblogger.

What we can say for certain, however, is that if like us you’d rather go on the wagon than drink the over-sweet spirits which look like they’re designed to blend in with a Barbie themed little girl’s bedroom – or for a hen night’s drunk Barbie cake, then Pink 47 is the contrarily named alternative.

Pink 47 can be purchased for around £27 from most supermarkets and online.