Waitrose London Dry Gin review – and a recipe


A very well connected London dry gin from Waitrose –

It’s thanks to the dog that I bought this gin – really, it’s true!  I wonder if the Queen has ever done the same?  “Ooops, I’ve run out of dog food, can’t have dissent from the Corgis; I’d better nip down Waitrose and top up.”  Those other royal pooches, Prince Charles’ dogs Bluebell and Beth, are possibly Waitrose patrons too – as long as it’s organic of course…

Anyway, I very occasionally do an online Waitrose food shop, just for a bit of variety. Our very own Wicked Wolf, Josh, absolutely scoffs down the brand’s Senior Meat and Gravy selection – so upon running low, I did another shop for the old fella.  Hence, a bottle of the supermarket’s own gin was added to the list: giving us the chance to sample something that may just be on the Sandringham sideboard.

“The suggested serve is with well-chilled tonic, plenty of ice and a slice of lime or cucumber”

Well, at just over £16 per litre, Waitrose London Dry Gin is very good value; the label stating that it’s ‘crisp and zesty,’ is indeed true.  It packs a powerful citrusy punch at just 37.5%, with the eight botanicals providing a lovely, spicy finish on the tongue, which really does linger for a while.

Looking down the ‘reviews’ on Waitrose’s site, I read comments like: “Just as good as the more expensive brands. This is now our go-to gin and we buy it regularly.”  “Exceedingly good gin, tastes just as good as the leading brand.”

I was hoping to find one saying “Philip always pours me a large one before dinner”, but maybe ‘By Appointment’ doesn’t stretch to individual product promotion.

Josh looking regal!

While Josh’s favourite tipple is a bowl of biscuits and a Waitrose pouch, the Queen’s is apparently gin and Dubonnet.  To try one for yourself, use a lowball tumbler or wine glass, add three cubes of ice, then pour one part gin and two parts Dubonnet.  Cheers, Your Majesty – just make sure the dog food’s served before you have another!

I totally agree with this concise quote from one customer: “Would def buy again.”