Loveday Falmouth Dry Gin review


“Yeghes da!” from beautiful Cornwall

Created by the Falmouth Distilling Company, Loveday Falmouth Dry Gin is, as its makers state, “bright, breezy and deliciously rounded.”  I could not have put it better myself, as this tipple really does capture the essence of the Cornish coastline, evoking the refreshing sea breeze as you tread the paths and beaches of this beautiful part of the country.

Although very much juniper forward with a zesty lemon backbone, it is perhaps the salty samphire that makes you think of the sea – although myself and a friend, supping it as a G&T really liked the subtle fennel, along with the surprising bitter-sweet Bell Heather finish; both agreeing that this light and refreshing gin is one to be enjoyed on a summer’s day.

When founded by three friends Chloe, Ruth and Daisy (two chefs and a scientist) during Lockdown, they adopted the Cornish word ‘Loveday’ as the rather apt moniker for all their gin-offerings, being that it means ‘dear’ or ‘beloved’: in the Middle Ages, periods of peace between the Cornish and their neighbours’ infighting became known as Love Days – or Leofdaeg in Old English.  Children were christened Loveday, perhaps as a talisman to protect them against being brutally bloodied with a mace or other Medieval torture device in the future.

“During Love Days, everyone could relax for a bit, feast, drink and be ye ever so merry.”

Winning Silver in the Taste of the West awards in 2022, we enjoyed our 40% ABV Loveday Falmouth Dry Gin with the recommended tonic, ice and squeeze of orange, recalling the words on the bottle to “Think salt spray on coast paths, huge skies and irresistible seascapes, come mizzle or shine.”  So we joyfully did – Yeghes da!

Loveday Falmouth Dry Gin can be purchased from the distiller, or online from Master of Malt for around £40.