Falmouth Black Rock Gin review


    “Spice the mainbrace”

    With apologies to aficionados of our ‘Senior Service’ I have to report that the strongest characteristic of Falmouth Black Rock gin is the rich spiciness which assailed my taste buds when taking a tentative sip of the authentic Navy Strength spirit: hence my corruption of the traditional order to “Splice the mainbrace” when the crew were to be given an extra ration of rum.

    “Eventually, the order ‘Splice the mainbrace’ came to mean that the crew would receive an extra ration of rum, which was signalled in the flags.”


    I gained my chance to try the delightful 57% ABV distillation when we spotted the distinctive blue bottle in an off-licence window during our recent break in Cornwall, where Gin Lover One acquired the Loveday Falmouth Dry Gin she reviewed last week.  And I’m afraid just a couple of weeks after our return, the whole 70CL has sunk without trace; though the lovely aroma still lingers in the bottle.

    The Black Rock beacon sits on a hazardous outcrop at the entrance to Falmouth Harbour

    Interestingly, the makers describe the high octane version of their standard 40% dry gin as being juniper led and with “lemon verbena and lemon peel offering a citrus edge”.  I would have guessed that cardamom and coriander or one of the more exotic botanicals was responsible for the intriguing smoothness on the tongue.  Apparently eucalyptus and elderberries are also in there somewhere, manning the mast.

    Importantly, and as one would expect for a Wardroom Warmer, Black Rock Navy Strength mixes with distinction and I was able to dilute it 2:1 with Fever Tree Indian, and even drown it in a champagne cocktail without it going missing in action.  And although the distillers advocate a generous slice of lemon as an accompaniment, I can report that my preferred lime alternative worked very well.  It would probably also hold its own if employed in the type of cocktails popular with Falmouth’s Yachtie summer visitors.

    Overall your GINblogger can heartily recommend Falmouth Black Rock 57% gin, probably placing it above Edinburgh’s Cannonball and ELG in the Navy Strength ranks, but below The Beast.

    Eventually, the order “Splice the mainbrace” came to mean that the crew would receive an extra ration of rum, and was issued on special occasions: after victory in battle, the change of a monarch, a royal birth, a royal wedding or an inspection of the fleet.


    Falmouth Black Rock Gin can be purchased from the distiller or Master of Malt for around £45 – and, of course, good old Amazon stocks it too.


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